Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lines Have Been Drawn...

So, which producer showcase/battle will you be attending, this evening??!

In one of the most highly contested battles to hit DC, until this November's upcoming presidential election, it's down to these two jump-offs:

The Tru Skool "Beat Grinder Championship"


The Red Bull Big Tune

One is Free/$5 (...depending on your connex/RSVP game...), while the other is $7. One features, Nottz (MY NUUUGH...Vee-Aye, ALL DAY), and DC's current "prince" Wale; while the next has my mans Grap Luva on the M-I-C, and features DJ Roddy Rod ( and the Low Budget Crew...not to be F*%#ed with!!). One features 10 producers while the other 12...and accusations of "biting" run the gamut; Yet, both are guaranteed to have some really nice up-and-coming producers, and neck-snappin' beats.

So, it may just come down to which venue you prefer. I personally get down equally with LIV and da 9:30 cluuub; so remain torn...

Either way, it's good to have some healthy competition out there in the streets of DC, and as always...I welcome a flooding of ill hip-hop producers and beats, any day.

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