Thursday, April 2, 2009

TopShop, StateSide...

I hit this spot TOPSHOP, the last time that I was in the UK.

Although I was already "fresh," you kinda find yourself slightly out-of-fashion when you go to Merry Olde England. Their cuts are just a little slimmer and tailored, ya know!? And, as me and my "Ex-pat mates" were going-out to hit the pubs, I had to look extra "smart" to have any shot at those "loverly London birds."

Of course, I spent my time and $$$ in the TOPMAN section, 'cause I wasn't plannin' on goin' out like Boy George...But regardless, I found a couple of nice sweaters and some pretty cool (Native American?) inspired belts. I didn't think it was that bad dropping around 175 for the lot...UNTIL I got home and checked the credit card bill, and realized that 175 British Pounds equaled about $260.00...duh. But, the belts are still fresh; and I honestly haven't found any sweaters since that fit as well, or still look cool these 5 years later.

Sir Philip Green opened-up TOPSHOP's first US flagship in NYC, today; and I'll definitely be checking it out the next time I'm up in the city. We'll see how well they do in this economy...but, just about any new international chain seems to do relatively well in the Big Apple for the first year or so, and success there will mean another possible 12 locations nationwide. For some healthy competition to Sweden's H&M, I'd wager we'd get one down here in the DMV as well!?!

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