Thursday, April 2, 2009


Big-ups to NBC's ER and it's grand finale. I was a big fan of the series, having tuned-in since it's inception, waaay back in days of my studies to be a Phyisical Therapist and EMT.

EMT's been covered, didn't even need to graduate High School, for that!? But, as I find myself in a position looking for more stable work, or even a job at all, this series and it's ending actually inspired me to check back into the possibilities of going back to school and hittin' the books to follow-through on my original undergrad interests in being a PT; all of these years later...

Marymount University...I just may be in touch!!!

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Jennifer N. said...

Great to hear about your ventures and thoughts in this time of soul searching. I hope you're doing well I know you will find success wherever you go.