Monday, August 4, 2008

Olympic FEVER...

I mean, really...I don't care if you were a jock, nerd, hippie, slacker, or even a jock-hating-hippie-slacker-nerd, back in High School...EVERYBODY loves tha Olympics!!! And if you don't enjoy, at the very least, the opening/closing ceremonies you're completely wack!!

It's a great time for everyone. Patriotism, triumphs, defeats...the very spirit of the games and competition in general.

So, if you like to keep your street wear fresh, fly and with the times...I'd suggest dropping by Major and copping the illy MAJOR x New Era presents “CHINA QUEST” 59Fifty Fitted:

And, I'd personally team it up with tha black HUF STOOPS “OLYMPIC” TEE:

But, that's just me...

Either way,
hurry up and get on these quick like, before everyone else catches the Olympic fever, and/or word spreads about the fitted over towards the Verizon Center/China Town!!!

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