Monday, August 4, 2008

PUTS @ 9:30

Aiighty, then...So, lets get this thang on-and-poppin'!!

People Under the Stairs brought the fiya to tha 9:30, last night. Unfortunately, preforming for room full of "middle-schoolers" didn't really give Thes One and Double K much to work with. Having seen them in front of way more energetic and responsive crowds...the set was definitely missing something; but, to no fault of the crew. For true veterans of the underground hip-hop game (...10 years and counting!!!), they definitely deserved better.

Regardless, it's always a great time seeing PUTS, whether in a packed arena, or crowd of 6...And, getting a taste of some of the jams that will soon be dropping from their upcoming FUN DMC album, was worth toughing out the tweeny-rocker crowd.

So anyway, the duo is headed up to B-more's Sonar this evening where PUTS will be headlining a show with Busdriver, Soul Cannon, Greenspan, and Jade Fox.

Sonar is always a good time...tix are only $12, and the beverages from soft-drinks, brews and even 'top-shelf' tend to be a bit cheaper up that way, as well. So, there's a good chance that I may end-up going to that show this evening (if anything, to erase the sub-par "one-hit-wonders" [...yeah, I said it...WHUT!?] Flobots/9:30 experience). We'll see...

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